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Together with VOX and Recode, we explored why and how CRISPR technology is changing our world.

Recode Recast: “What’s next for CRISPR?”

Host Arielle Duhaime-Ross talked with CRISPR pioneer Dr. Jennifer Doudna about the promise and peril in CRISPR’s future, what’s next, and how we can edit our genes safely and responsibly.

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Prefer to read the interview? Click here for the transcript version edited for length and clarity.


Vox Reset Doudna


The Ezra Klein Show: What happens when human beings take control of their own evolution?

In this 67 minute interview, VOX Media founder Ezra Klein discusses CRISPR gene editing with its inventor Dr. Jennifer Doudna. It is possible that when the history of this era is written, most of our obsessions — Trump, tax rates, cybersecurity, Obamacare, NFL protests — will be forgotten, and CRISPR will be where historians focus.

With great power comes great responsibility — and genuine terror. Doudna and Klein discuss its possibilities, its dangers, its technical obstacles, the regulatory questions it raises, and much more.

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