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Alluceo’s platform uses team care and AI predictive analytics to transform the standard of health by integrating mental and physical health care in routine primary care.


How do we explain a new technology solution to the mental health crisis to patients, health providers, hospital systems, and health plans?


We partnered with Alluceo to communicate a pressing national issue – the critical gaps in care and community that contribute to the national mental health crisis – and their evidenced-based cultural and technology solution that combats this crisis.

Our work included targeted messaging and website content for key audiences highlighting Alluceo’s innovative mental health integration, team-based care and AI predictive data analytics. The online platform allows clinicians to form patient-centered care teams to deliver effective treatment, connected community support, and preventative care.

To support the company’s corporate development efforts, we also developed materials and messaging for 2020 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference investor audiences focused on leveraging AI and machine learning to improve health outcomes.


Alluceo was better able to convey to key audiences, including investors, healthcare providers and health systems their key value proposition: Mental health integration in primary care delivered through a connected care team, paired with community resources and education, and built on a foundation of deep technology, is a fundamentally better way to manage chronic disease and prevent future mental health conditions.

Our work with Alluceo differentiated their fully integrated, holistic healthcare approach from other point of care solutions currently in the market by highlighting the cost savings and clinical and operational successes of Alluceo’s scientifically proven model.

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