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Applied Silver is the innovator of SilvaClean® technology, a patented water-based ionic silver laundry treatment with applications in healthcare, athletics and the home.


How do we communicate the critical health, safety, and economic considerations of clean laundry for hospitals and sports organizations?


We partnered with Applied Silver (2016-2017) to explain the hidden danger of bacteria and fungi in contaminated textiles and how that unchecked risk might impact health and wellness.

Since the company’s patented SilvaClean® silver ion technology can eradicate the problem, we worked to position it as the antimicrobial infection prevention technology of choice for the most innovative hospital, laundry, and sports partners.


After an initial branding and website refresh, we focused on increasing awareness by developing targeted messaging and materials for all key audiences including partners, investors, media, and patients.

By creating new content and increasing the number of customer touch points, the company saw an increase in media interest, site traffic, and customer engagement.

Services include messaging, website redesign, video production, email marketing, media relations, social media, conference booth design, partner co-branding, and patient materials.

To support the company’s business development efforts, we scripted and produced three videos – a detailed problem/solution video showcasing pivotal data and featuring several notable Board members, a shorter version for rapid B2B conversations, and a 30-second TV commercial for Fox Sports to introduce SilvaClean® technology to the sports industry.


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