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Exploragen is a DNA lifestyle company making apps to translate information from DNA into personalized insights that help consumers optimize their lives.


How do you generate awareness of an innovative company with a new product in the emerging DNA lifestyle apps market?


We partnered with the Exploragen team to develop a holistic PR program for its SlumberType DNA mobile sleep app, the first DNA lifestyle app to allow consumers to proactively use their genetic information to optimize the quality of their sleep. We also established core communications strategies around industry leadership and the company’s executive team.


Our work with Exploragen maximized key partnerships and industry events to generate awareness and build industry leadership. Key tactics included tailored press releases, messaging refinement, and event support that resulted in a focused media program and the successful rollout of three corporate milestones.

We also helped the Exploragen team bring DNA to life at CES 2018 by showcasing the SlumberType DNA app. There it was announced that Dr. Oz’s portfolio company SleepScore would add SlumberType to its innovative health products ecosystem.

The accompanying PR program included press release development, tailored media pitching and onsite campaign support for the first 500 booth visitors to receive free access to the first and only DNA sleep app, resulting in increased event engagement and media coverage.

“Our partnership with SleepScore is a testament to how innovative consumer goods companies are starting to recognize that DNA insights can be used to hyper-personalize products, services, and experiences”

Ronnie Andrews – Co-Founder & CEO, Exploragen

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