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Nonpartisan, non-advocacy data and analysis on the issues, attitudes and trends regarding the application of CRISPR technology.







Human enhancement may be just around the corner. How do Americans view these emerging technologies that may one day enhance our human capabilities?


We partnered with Pew Research to help them analyze and understand the public’s views on CRISPR genome editing. The background information was used to create a public report detailing the research team’s findings.


Respondents to the Pew Research Center survey read the following statement:

New developments in genetics and gene-editing techniques are making it possible to treat some diseases and conditions by modifying a person’s genes. In the future, gene-editing techniques could be used for any newborn, by changing the DNA of the embryo before it is born, and giving that baby a much reduced risk of serious diseases and conditions over his or her lifetime. Any changes to a baby’s genetic makeup could be passed on to future generations if they later have children, and over the long term this could change the genetic characteristics of the population.”

The Pew’s overview video is below and the results of the poll can be found here.

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