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Vineti is the first commercial, cloud-based software platform to expand patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies.


How do you communicate a technology solution that solves the key challenges faced by patients, medical providers, biopharmaceutical companies and regulators in the delivery and commercialization of new individualized therapies?


We partnered with Vineti to explain that excitement over new breakthrough individualized therapies such as CAR-T has been joined by concerns over scalability and pricing, and a lack of understanding about the risks posed by the fact that the patient is now part of the supply chain. Using clear messaging, press releases, and tailored media pitching, we were able to help capture key reporter interest and support five key corporate milestones.


The resulting media coverage helped increase the public’s understanding that CAR-T therapies are produced from a patient’s own cells and are in fact “living drugs,” and their treatment and handling are critical to improved patient outcomes.

Vineti has become the digital go-to-market partner for leading organizations such as Kite Pharma and a range of other advanced therapy developers, looking to solve this unique supply chain challenge, with all its numerous collection, manufacturing, transparency, and timeliness complexities.

“This is an important part of the puzzle to make [these treatments] mainstream,” said Ms. DuRoss, adding that companies can support all gene and cell therapies in their portfolio through a single streamlined system.

Amy DuRoss – Co-Founder & CEO, Vineti in The Wall Street Journal

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