Raised by Wolves

We partnered with HBO to create a “science fact” shoulder series for Oscar-winning director Ridley Scott’s “Raised by Wolves” series.

Science or science fiction? 

Raised By Wolves is a rich blend of mythology and sci-fi and we were delighted to assist in the creation of a “science fact” extras series for season 2 which first aired on February 3, 2022.

The goal was to explore whether some of the scientific concepts and theme in the show could ever be developed and deployed and what the impact might be on our society.

Themes included the viability of life on “Goldilocks planets”, the current limits and possibility of space travel, the field of AI and robotics, human engineering, cosmology, botany technologies, and 22nd century technologies.

As the leading PR agency working on the outer edge of innovative science, Thermal provided technical background, key issues and themes, links, resources, suggestions for suitable participants, management of interviews with notable scientists included in the series, and assistance with storyboards, b-roll, and linking of questions to select parts of the script.

The HBO team did an incredible job of building out eight focused 5-10 minute pieces introduced by Ridley Scott and featured Thermal clients commenting on multiple scientific areas.

The bottom line is that the future of robotics looks increasingly biological, and the future of biology is looking more technological.

Raised by Wolves season 1 was the the most watched HBO series of 2021 and season 2 maintained the show’s impact and influence.

Our thanks again to HBO for partnering on this exciting project that brings fascinating science to a mainstream audience.

Check out the interview below with Ridley Scott and show’s creators, and of course the full series and accompanying “science fact” episodes on Max here.


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