AI in Health

AI promises to democratize healthcare by giving everyone the best medical care anywhere in the world at lower cost.

Is there now a day that goes by without a new media article discussing the promise and peril of generative AI?

It’s for good reason since we have reached a technical and philosophical watershed moment, decades in the making. The opportunity is clear then – AI will profoundly impact scientific research, drug development and medicine, as well as how people interact with physicians and healthcare systems.

At Thermal, we work with companies pioneering ML and LLMs for bio and health, the VCs that back them, and the media trying to understand and explain the landscape and which approaches deserve to be spotlighted.

We’re at the very beginning of what will be possible, but we are seeing a newfound ability to improve diagnosis and treatment and better tackle our most intractable challenges such as cancer. AI can now image cancerous tissues, map genomic and proteomic information, and predict with increasing accuracy the type of cancer and the most effective therapy.

To unpack that more, the speed, accuracy and nuance of new AI algorithms to analyze medical images, such as X-rays and MRIs, and make predictions about the likelihood of a patient having a particular condition is remarkable but the impact also being realized in the development of new drugs and treatments.

By analyzing data from past clinical trials and other sources, AI algorithms can identify patterns and make predictions about the effectiveness of different treatments. Researchers can now better identify potential new drugs and treatments and to focus their efforts on the most promising options.

AI will also radically shift how we interact with doctors, streamline backend administrative operations, triage care, and empower medical professionals to make better decisions and improve patient care.

It’s no surprise that at Thermal, we are actively working on these narratives and also ethical considerations, patient safety, data privacy, and the unintended bias or inequality that AI might exacerbate.

We see the benefits, issues, and realities of what AI in science and healthcare is and can be. AI truly is a generational disruptive technology with the potential to reshape what science and medicine can fundamentally be.

Thought-provoking and fast moving as it is, Thermal is cutting through the inevitable noise to position our clients as industry leaders, responsibly advancing and applying AI to improve human health.

Read about some of the work we are doing with our AI clients here and a selection of the high impact media coverage we have secured here.


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