Extending healthy lifespan is possible. Our increasing understanding of human aging and ability to apply AI and new scientific approaches place our society closer to mitigating the diseases of aging.

Many people want to live longer and be healthy and active during those years.

At Thermal, we support the most innovative companies driving longevity science forward to help make that a reality for millions worldwide.

There has of course been many previous attempts to impact longevity but the difference now is that researchers have a new understanding of the factors that contribute to the diseases of aging.

One of the key factors is genetics. Put simply, certain genetic variations have been found to be associated with a longer lifespan, and researchers are working to identify these variations and understand how they affect the aging process.

Also, our appreciation and understanding of factors such as diet, exercise, stress management, and access to quality preventative healthcare all play a role in lifespan. We can add a deeper knowledge of how societal factors such as income inequality and social support impact longevity.

Our clients are thinking about how to understand and impact these factors and build a new era of solutions that can contribute to longer and healthy lives.

Some of these efforts focus on cellular reprogramming, autophagy, plasma-inspired therapeutics, or mapping human aging using AI and developing new therapies.

It’s complex, futuristic, and multi-faceted work that is rife with narratives of hope vs. hype, science vs. science fiction and there is still much that we do not understand about the field.

As the PR team working with the world’s leading longevity companies, we believe in a future that our clients are helping to usher in, one where we can treat diseases of aging and extend healthy human lifespan for everyone.

Read about some of the work in longevity below.


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