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BioAge is mapping human aging to develop a pipeline of therapies that treat disease and extend healthy lifespan.


How do you distinguish an early-stage longevity company in a much-hyped – and often mischaracterized – space?


BioAge takes a distinctive approach to aging research, using proprietary biobank data and a computational discovery platform to identify the pathways of healthy human aging and unlock new therapeutic targets.

We partnered with the team to share their unique, human-first approach and their emphasis on making aging therapies relevant for everyone.

We created targeted media campaigns to showcase their leadership, platform, and pipeline news, including the announcement of positive Phase 1b results for their first platform-discovered compound.

The data showed that BioAge’s therapy provided significant improvement in muscle atrophy, a challenging condition of aging with no current approved treatments.


Thermal’s media approach bolstered BioAge’s reputation as arguably the most advanced clinical-stage biotechs with a unique, data-driven approach.

This positioning earned BioAge a feature in SkyNews’ longevity special report that resulted in more than 200,000 views and an audience of 74 million.

The media coverage for the Phase 1 data engaged over 727,000 online readers and earned around 26,000 unique views from key industry audiences. Their unique perspective was also featured in the Financial Times, CNBC Healthy Returns, and the UN’s CSTD global site.

On October 26, 2023, Thermal supported BioAge’s announcement that the company has garnered the support of Eli Lilly to run a trial combining a muscle regeneration therapy with Lilly’s tirzepatide for healthier weight loss. Media coverage included a  Bloomberg and Fierce Biotech.

On February 13, 2024, we supported BioAge’s $170M Series D announcement – the largest biotech funding YTD. Coverage included Endpoints News, Fierce Biotech, STAT News, Reuters, BiopharmaDive, and Bloomberg Technology.

We continue to proudly support BioAge’s work and spotlight their pioneering approach to extend healthy human lifespan.

“BioAge’s mission is to create a pipeline of drugs that treat disease and extend healthy lifespan by targeting the mechanisms of aging”

Kristen Fortney – Co-founder and CEO of BioAge Labs



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