We accelerate the understanding and adoption of the world’s most innovative health technologies.


The future of health is here. After decades of fundamental research and technological advancement, scientists can better understand the human genome, identify disease earlier, map its progression, and proactively intervene to help people more effectively sustain their health.

Thermal is uniquely built to assist the leaders enabling this new frontier of digital health solutions. We are not a generic public relations agency supporting generic science. Rather, we provide a bespoke mix of strategic services for teams blurring traditional boundaries and working to solve our most intractable health challenges and radically improve the lives of millions.

As a result of our work together, digital health brands and notable executives and scientists are better positioned to lead the critical debates – ethical, legal, societal, technical, and political – that come with developing and scaling the most disruptive advances of our time.


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We offer an integrated communications approach that helps digital health companies succeed. Our most frequent asks are to educate audiences, establish leadership, safeguard reputations, and encourage market adoption.

We achieve that and more through a curated mix of eight marketing communications and design services.


Our story is one of entrepreneurship, deep technical experience, and industry trust. We are headquartered in San Francisco and active across Silicon Valley and globally, helping visionaries build awareness and preference for their research, point of view, products, and services through dynamic communications approaches.

Kaustuva Das
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Kaustuva DasCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brenna Sweeney
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Brenna SweeneyCo-founder & Chief Experience Officer


Our ecosystem of clients and partners are the startups, entrepreneurs, global healthcare companies, and Nobel Prize winning industry icons that first brought us breakthroughs in CRISPR gene editing, landmark research on COVID-19, genomics, and CAR-T cell and gene therapy supply chain technology, and entirely new digital health APIs and infrastructure.

Their work is resulting in next generation healthcare offerings that redefine what is possible. Their vision is revolutionary, their methods are novel, and they expect immersive counsel and extraordinary results from an agile, multidisciplinary team active on the outermost edge of what is possible.

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