We accelerate the understanding and adoption of the world’s most innovative health technologies.


Thermal positions innovative biotech and healthtech companies, executives and scientists to lead the critical debates – ethical, legal, societal, technical, and political – that come with developing and scaling disruptive solutions for our most intractable health challenges to radically improve the lives of millions.

We are uniquely built to assist the leaders enabling this new frontier. We are not a generic public relations agency supporting generic science. Rather, we provide bespoke strategic services for teams blurring and shattering traditional boundaries.

Our purpose is to illuminate how and why bioengineering and health technology is changing our lives – from health to business, science to culture. The breakthroughs and innovations that we spotlight are driving new ways of thinking, enabling new industries, and increasing health equity and access. The work our clients do is important and will improve our health and our world over the next 25 years.


We are essential support for seed, venture backed, IPO-track, public biotech and healthtech companies, VC firms, and academic organizations. We function as an extension of our clients because we understand their technology and the impact of AI to their work, and we share their motivation to educate through uniquely compelling narratives that enable explosive growth and long-term brand stability.

Thermal helps realize tomorrow in three areas: biorevolution, healthtech, and sustainability.

The atom is the new microchip. Our increasing ability to understand and engineer biology using tools such as CRISPR and AI is opening up new possibilities.

Technology is improving patient care and operations. Our digital infrastructure is being overhauled, improving efficiency, access, experiences and outcomes.

There is no planet b. Our breakthrough approaches to food production, net-zero carbon agriculture, and methane reduction is enabling a more sustainable climate.


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Eight integrated marketing communications and design services specifically geared for biotech, digital health, and sustainability companies.


Our story is one of entrepreneurship, deep technical experience, and industry trust. We are headquartered in San Francisco and active across Silicon Valley and globally, helping visionaries build awareness and preference for their research, point of view, products, and services through dynamic PR approaches.

Kaustuva Das
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Kaustuva DasCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brenna Sweeney
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Brenna SweeneyCo-founder & Chief Experience Officer


Our ecosystem of clients and partners are the startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, global healthcare companies, and Nobel Prize winning industry icons that first brought us breakthroughs in CRISPR gene editing, landmark research on COVID-19, proteomics, and CAR-T cell and gene therapy supply chain technology, AI biological software, new APIs and infrastructure, digital twin tech, precision medicines, longevity, and integrated healthcare services.

Their work is resulting in next generation healthcare offerings that redefine what is possible. Their vision is revolutionary, their methods are novel, and they expect immersive counsel and extraordinary results from an agile, multidisciplinary team active on the outermost edge of what is possible.

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