There is no planet b. Our development of breakthrough tools and approaches to net-zero carbon agriculture and climate issues promises a more sustainable future.

How can we thrive in harmony with our environment?

Imagine if we could replace the use of harmful chemicals for crop protection in our food production with biological alternatives that support – not harm – biodiversity.

Or if we could use biology to reduce the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere and turn it into valuable raw materials, thereby reducing industry reliance on fossil fuels.

Synthetic biology and enzyme engineering can provide powerful solutions to many of today’s climate and sustainability challenges. These are types of sustainable practices that Thermal’s clients are engaged in. Their goal is to support ecological, human, and economic health and vitality. We assist them in framing and communicating their approaches, long-term priorities, and the consequences of various ways in which we can thrive.
Ultimately, sustainability is about mitigating the challenges of climate change and finding balance with our environment, leaving a healthier world for future generations.
Read about some of the work we are doing with our Sustainability clients here and a selection of the high impact media coverage we have secured here.

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