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Inceptive is pioneering an entirely new discipline called “Biological Software” to unlock new medicines and accelerate the pace of drug development by integrating deep learning techniques into RNA research.


How do you help launch the company founded by the team that laid the groundwork for much of the AI revolution and is now focused on adapting AI architectures and new algorithms to solve complex biological problems and revolutionize biotech and medicine?


Spearheaded by CEO Jakob Uszkoreit, a pioneer in machine learning and co-author of the transformative “Attention is All You Need” transformer paper, Inceptive aims to revolutionize the world of drug design and biotechnology.

They are focusing on synthetic molecules that execute complex functions, known as “Biological Software,” within biological systems. Leveraging their specialized platform, Inceptive integrates deep learning techniques with RNA research to develop increasingly powerful tools.

Their proprietary technology synthesizes a unique blend of machine learning and molecular biology, enabling the rational design of medicines that were previously out of reach. By tapping into this blend of artificial intelligence and biological systems, Inceptive is creating opportunities to significantly accelerate the drug development process.

Their work promises to democratize access to novel medicines and biotechnologies, opening up faster, more efficient pathways to market for life-saving drugs.

We collaborated with Inceptive to announce their $100M VC funding round from blue-chip investors and a major partnership with a top-tier pharmaceutical company.

Armed with this new round of funding and partnership, Inceptive is set to redefine the pace and scope of drug development, affecting millions of lives in the process.

Their forward-thinking approach exemplifies what is possible when machine learning is effectively integrated into life sciences, ushering us into a new era of medical possibilities.


Our messaging work and media strategy bolstered the understanding and awareness of Inceptive’s funding and partnership news. Media coverage included the Financial Times, Fortune, Axios, and Endpoints.

Inceptive’s approach not only signifies a paradigm shift in drug development but also holds the promise of meeting unmet medical needs at an unprecedented speed.

Series A

funding announced


“Software programs code executable instructions on a computer. We want to do that but with cells in your body.”

Jakob Uszkoreit – CEO of Inceptive


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