Kaustuva Das

Chief Executive Officer

A public relations veteran and strategic counsel to leading scientists and technologists

Kaustuva Das is a co-founder of Thermal and works directly with many of the industry’s leading researchers and executives.

As Chief Executive Officer, Kaustuva brings nearly 20 years of senior-level corporate and agency experience guiding more than 100 elite healthcare, biopharma, genomics, and digital health technology companies in issues management, strategic marketing, media relations, branding, and executive visibility.

He has planned and managed some of the most pivotal communications campaigns of the last decade including the CRISPR patent dispute and the ethical issues surrounding CRISPR’s use in the human germline.

The results of his work can be consistently seen across influential tier 1 media, as well as in the positive outcomes of major crises, patent decisions, and acquisition and funding rounds.

We assist our clients to achieve a better future. One where we are closer to understanding and realizing the promise of incredible health technology advances that can benefit every member of society.