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Q Bio is building the first ‘digital twin’ to track your health and revolutionize primary care.


How do you refine the narrative and drive brand awareness for a health monitoring platform that enables value-based population health?


Our work with Q Bio focuses on clarifying their corporate positioning, crafting tailored messaging for key audiences, and creating a robust visual system for their brand identity. We continue to build out their social and content channels with creative assets and storytelling to educate audiences and clearly differentiate Q Bio from competitors in a busy market.




In April 2021 Q Bio announced the first clinical digital twin platform, Q Bio Gemini, powered by its proprietary Mark I whole-body scanner – the fastest, most accessible scanner developed for routine clinical use.

The media coverage of the announcement engaged more than 6 million online readers and garnered 23,000 unique views from a mix of business and trade industry audiences. Our targeted outreach secured coverage in VentureBeat, FierceBiotech and HIT Consultant and a feature article in BBC Science Focus Magazine titled “Star Trek-style scanner creates ‘digital twin’ to track your health.”

We continue to focus on thought leadership and have built out comprehensive speaking and awards programs. Q Bio’s Mark I whole-body scanner was selected as a finalist for Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas, and we have secured the company’s founder and CEO as a guest on podcasts such as:

“Until now, no existing technology has been able to develop a digital twin in a cost-effective way that combines an individual’s genetics, chemistry, anatomy, lifestyle, and medical history over time, with integrated tools that make it easy to correlate between quantitative changes and an individual’s risk factors.”

Jeff Kaditz – founder and CEO, Q Bio


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