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How AI experts are using GPT-4

Health care

I spoke with Nikhil Buduma and Mike Ng, the cofounders of Ambience Health, which is funded by OpenAI.

The startup uses GPT-4 to generate medical documentation based on provider-patient conversations.

Their pitch is that it will alleviate doctors’ workloads by removing tedious bits of the job, such as data entry.

Buduma says GPT-4 is much better at following instructions than its predecessors.

But it’s still unclear how well it will fare in a domain like health care, where accuracy really matters.

OpenAI says it has improved some of the flaws that AI language models are known to have, but GPT-4 is still not completely free of them. It makes stuff up and presents falsehoods confidently as facts. It’s still biased.

That’s why the only way to deploy these models safely is to make sure human experts are steering them and correcting their mistakes, says Ng.


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