Meet the man who combines science, technology and magic to understand proteins

Parag Mallick, founder and chief scientist of Nautilus Biotechnology, hopes his company’s solutions will unlock the secrets of proteins, the building blocks of biology. Being a magician as well, he says, “gives you a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

Like many biotech companies, Nautilus Biotechnology calls California’s Silicon Valley home.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali recently visited the company’s headquarters to meet with Parag Mallick, founder and chief scientist, who is also a magician and an associate professor at Stanford University.

Since 2016, Mallick and his team at Nautilus have been building a machine that they say will revolutionize biomedicine by helping scientists study proteins in detail and unlocking the secrets of the “dark proteome.” The vast majority of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration target proteins, after all.

The technology Nautilus has engineered for the task comes in the form of a sleek, dark box with electric blue flourishes. It will have its official debut later this year.




Nautilus Biotechnology



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