Q Bio unveils ‘digital twin’ whole-body imaging platform, with Kaiser Permanente backing

Building a virtual model of an entire patient—cobbled together from data on vital signs, physical activity and other observations—has been a quest for device makers and drug developers alike, all looking for a clearer view of a person’s health. But they’ve never managed to get the whole picture.

Q Bio aims to go straight to the source.

The company’s whole-body imaging platform aims to beam up a “digital twin,” which could be used to model physiological changes and potential risk factors for different diseases—and its now gained the backing of a major healthcare provider in Kaiser Foundation Hospitals.

The company’s automated scanner promises to collect a snapshot of a person’s health—sweeping the whole body in 15 minutes, without the use of radiation—and merge that information with genetic data, medical histories and other examinations.


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Q Bio



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