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Entact Bio is developing a new class of drugs that enhance the function of beneficial proteins.


How do you ensure the debut of an exciting early-stage biotech company with complex science and a global coterie of world-class scientists gets accurate and comprehensive coverage?


Boston-area based Entact Bio – launched by a founding team deeply rooted in deubiquitinase (DUB) biochemistry, chemical biology, disease biology, and small-molecule drug development – is developing a new class of drugs that enhance the function of beneficial proteins.

Entact has designed its proprietary Encompass platform to create enhancement-targeting chimeric (ENTAC) medicines. ENTACs harness the ability of DUBs to regulate proteins.

By leveraging this natural cellular mechanism to enhance protein function, Entact is expanding the universe of treatable diseases.

We partnered with the team to share their $81M Series A announcement and pioneering approach to developing this new class of drugs and illustrate the potential of ENTACs.


Thermal’s media approach established Entact as the most exciting company in the protein enhancement space with arguably the most prominent scientific team in this area of science.

This positioning earned Entact coverage of its launch announcement across 13 outlets with relevant audiences, including the cover of the Boston Globe’s Business section.

We continue to proudly support Entact’s efforts to push forward the development of medicines that can enhance protein function and address unmet medical needs.

Series A

funding announced


“Our aim is to provide new options for patients by developing precision medicines that enhance the function of beneficial proteins rather than eliminating or blocking proteins that contribute to disease.”

Victoria Richon – CEO of Entact Bio


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