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LatchBio is accelerating the pace of scientific progress by enabling researchers to store and analyze data without touching code or cloud infrastructure.


How do you spotlight the company overcoming bottlenecks in biotech research caused by the massive datasets generated by modern experiments?


LatchBio is on a mission to build and disseminate the data infrastructure for the biocomputing revolution. The company’s cloud-based platform offers no-code bioinformatics for scientists seeking to store, transform and visualize their data. Through any web browser, the global scientific community can quickly access popular bioinformatics pipelines and data visualization tools

In June 2022, we assisted LatchBio in announcing a Series A round co-led by Coatue and existing investor Lux Capital. Hummingbird Ventures, Caffeinated Capital, and existing investors Haystack and Fifty Years also participated.

Audiences were made more aware that using any browser, researchers can quickly import files from existing data stacks and access dozens of popular bioinformatics pipelines and data visualization tools including RNA-Seq, CRISPResso2 and AlphaFold.

Scientists at leading industry organizations including the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI), BitBio and Eligo Bioscience are leveraging the power of the LatchBio platform to advance their work.


The media coverage of LatchBio’s Series A engaged more than 20 million and included featured articles in VentureBeat and TechCrunch.

The LatchBio team has continued on and is scaling and creating the necessary infrastructure to accelerate the pace of discovery and translational research and help drive more life-saving therapies into the clinic.

“We remain obsessively focused on building a platform that hosts the best biocomputing workflows and other tools that scientists love to use and that enable them to accelerate scientific progress”

Alfredo Andere – Co-founder and CEO of LatchBio.


Series A

funding announced

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