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Mango Sciences is a leading emerging market data science company connecting millions of underrepresented patients to precision medicine.


How do we brand and launch a new AI analytics platform that promises to transform deep clinical data into key insights that drive global health improvements?


We partnered with Mango Sciences to highlight oversights in modern healthcare that have inhibited medical innovation from meeting global health needs and to communicate Mango’s technological and collaborative solution that aims to change the paradigm of treatments for all patients.

We worked to establish a strong brand foundation that positioned Mango Sciences as the leader in a movement of health equity, connecting the health data of underrepresented populations to clinical researchers and improving clinical and operational outcomes by unlocking real-world evidence from complex data with their advanced data analytics technology.

With our understanding of Mango Sciences’s solution, mission, and message, we then created a logo and visual brand that reflected the company’s advanced technology approach to expanding inclusivity in health.

Mango logo and colors with breakdown


We chose to express these ideas through an abstracted shape of a mango made of two overlapping semicircles whose sharp angles and clean lines give a modern technology feel.

The overlapping semicircles reference both Mango’s approach of utilizing unique data cuts to unlock key insights as well as their mission to include all populations in global health efforts.

We selected a bright blue as the main color, representing technology and innovation, and orange as a contrasting color to bring warmth.

For the visual style, we then chose illustrated graphics with a human-focused, rounded style, reflecting Mango’s key mission and differentiating it from photo-heavy styles of competitors in the same space.

Finally, in addition to the logo, brand guidelines, and graphic illustrations, we also designed a full set of branded materials including letterheads, business cards, and presentation templates.


Mango Sciences


Linking the messaging and the visual brand, we built out Mango’s website with targeted messaging and content for key audiences that highlighted their innovative data analytics technology and their vast potential to improve clinical outcomes and health system operations worldwide by unlocking insights from structured and unstructured data.

To support Mango Sciences’s corporate development, we developed materials and messaging for investor and provider audiences focused on each group’s unique needs and the opportunities for elevated research and international collaboration that Mango provides to the benefit of all.

We also worked to position Mango Sciences’s co-founders as leaders in technology and health by developing a launch press release for the company.


Mango Sciences was able to show key audiences, including media, investors, healthcare systems, and life sciences research organizations their unique value: expanded access to global health data and unlocking previously hidden insights into the health of underrepresented populations drives research on personalized treatments and tailored precision medicines as well as operational optimization for health systems, resulting in higher quality of care worldwide.

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