Thermal PR - PRWeek Awards 2020 Finalist

PRWeek Awards


Thermal is proud to be a PRWeek 2020 Awards Finalist in the Best in a Crisis category – again for our work in safeguarded the reputation of CRISPR gene editing technology.

CRISPR is the “the scientific breakthrough of the century. ” A critical tool that can reshape the way we live and thrive. In 2018, that potential was put in jeopardy with a shockingly unethical misuse of the technology.

We are honored to work with CRISPR pioneer Dr. Doudna and her team and proud that our work together in diffusing the global panic and bolstering the public’s understanding of CRISPR’s potential has been recognized by PRWeek as a PRWeek Award – Best in a Crisis finalist for 2020. 


“As the scientific community now works to establish stronger safeguards, He’s fateful decision to ignore the basic medical mantra of “do no harm” and risk the unintended consequences will likely be remembered as one of the most shocking misapplications of any scientific tool in our history.”

Dr. Jennifer Doudna – Co-inventor of CRISPR-Cas genome editing in TIME



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Read more here about this project for which Thermal was also recently awarded PRovoke’s 2020 North America SABRE Awards winner for Crisis Management.


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