CEO of Doudna spinout: Within five years, genome editors will have a ‘really big impact’ on patients’ lives

“CRISPR-by-design” is the idea behind Scribe Therapeutics, a company spun out from Jennifer Doudna’s Nobel-winning lab that’s competing in a closely-tracked field of genome editor companies just starting to make their way to the clinic.

After nabbing $100 million last March for its Series B funding round, Scribe is taking a different tack from some of its competitors, crafting a new enzyme isolated from bacteria called CasX, which has now been tweaked extensively and may be targeted to a range of genome-related diseases, offering a plethora of therapeutic options.

Following Endpoints News‘ discussion with the Broad Institute’s David Liu on his early achievements with base and prime editing, Endpoints conducted an interview with Scribe CEO and co-founder Benjamin Oakes on the company’s progress and the competitive landscape.

In the interview, Dr. Oakes discusses not only what he sees coming in the next 5-10 years for genome editing, but why the narrative around double-stranded DNA breaks has been hijacked.




Scribe Therapeutics



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