Illustration of coronaviruses on global map

How Can We Prevent The Next Pandemic?

With all the suffering and anxiety across much of the world, it’s understandably difficult to conjure up how a post-coronavirus world might look.  But failure to think past COVID-19 would condemn us to the same state of ill-preparedness when the next global health threat materializes.  We have no choice.  As the horrific numbers—deaths, confirmed cases, job losses, and economic hardship—continue to mount, we need to apply the painful lessons-learned so that we can reduce the chances of a repeat.

There are those who seem content to believe this is a once-in-a-century phenomenon. After all, 100 years have passed since our last truly global pandemic when the Spanish Flu’s cold hand ravaged the world.  But regrettably we won’t have another century before we need worry about the next global contagion.


Genomics, Infectious Disease


UC Berkeley



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