C&EN’s 2021 10 Start-Ups to Watch

As Vasanthi Viswanathan was wrapping up her postdoc in chemical biologist Stuart Schreiber’s lab at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, she found herself at a crossroads. Viswanathan had ...

How Science Beat the Virus

In February, Jennifer Doudna, one of America’s most prominent scientists, was still focused on CRISPR—the gene-editing tool that she’d co-discovered and that won her a Nobel Prize in October. But ...

On GPS: Re-writing the code of life

2020 Chemistry Nobel laureate Jennifer Doudna joins Fareed for a primer on CRISPR, a technology that allows for precise gene editing.   https://twitter.com/FareedZakaria/status/1333130472902234112 Focus CRISPR Client UC Berkeley / IGI WATCH THE ...

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