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Meet the 12 biotechs pioneering cutting-edge cures that stand to upend how we treat diseases and transform pharma

Gene editing has become one of biotech’s hottest areas as the first-in-human results have suggested the technology holds the potential to cure certain diseases with a single treatment.

In 2021, three gene-editing biotechs- Verve Therapeutics, Graphite Bio, and Caribou Biosciences- have gone public. One research firm forecast that the gene-editing industry would grow to a $23 billion market by 2030.

So far this year, investors have poured about $3 billion into nine gene-editing biotechs through public and private financing. Insider identified 12 biotechs leading the gene-industry industry, ordered below by company valuation.

Total funding numbers were calculated by Insider and include public and private financings, at-the-market sales of stock, and licensing and collaboration revenue when disclosed.




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