Renowned ‘Drug Hunter’ Joins Team To Cure Challenging Brain Diseases

Developing therapeutics is difficult—developing neurotherapeutics is even harder. The blood-brain barrier protecting the brain from unwanted substances makes it extremely difficult for neurotherapeutics to reach their target.

Herophilus, a San Francisco neurotherapeutics startup, is taking a new approach to drug discovery with human brain organoid models. But designing drugs for neurological diseases is so complex, innovative technology can benefit strongly from experienced leadership.

Today, Herophilus announced it has appointed Sharath Hegde as the new Chief Scientific Officer to accelerate drug discovery for brain diseases. With 30 years of industry expertise, Hegde’s goal at Herophilus is to unlock and accelerate paths to new therapeutics to cure complex and frequently devastating illnesses including Rett syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. The company ultimately hopes to bring transformative medicines to millions.







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