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Brightseed is a pioneer in biosciences and artificial intelligence that illuminates nature to restore human health.


How do you launch the first product based on unprecedented insights into the health properties of plant bioactives?


Bioactives, natural compounds that interact with human biology, are often referred to as the “dark matter” of plants. With millions of them still unknown, Brightseed created an AI platform, Forager, to identify their properties and unlock the health benefits of nature.

Their discoveries are scientifically validated and applied in partnership with nutrition and biotech companies to develop healthy foods and therapies.

We partnered with the team to communicate the relevance of their AI-powered approach to the fields of nutrition and health, creating media campaigns around events that included the first White House Nutrition Conference in 50 years and the launch of their first-ever product, a novel dietary fiber with naturally derived bioactives that support gut strength


Thermal’s targeted media approach helped to position Brightseed as pioneers in the nutrition space ahead of the White House Conference, earning mention in the Wall Street Journal as a leading startup in the food-as-medicine space.

The media coverage for the product launch engaged over 16 million online readers and around 14,500 unique views from key industry audiences. Key trade outlets published features on the company’s product launch and leadership in bioactive discovery.

“More than ever, people are turning to the food and beverage industry for proactive and personalized health solutions. Brightseed Bio 01™ is the latest demonstration of how Forager® A.I. is furthering our understanding of how bioactives found in nature are powerful catalysts to improve human healthspan.”

Sofia Elizondo – Co-founder and COO at Brightseed


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