Contributing to TIME’s most widely read annual publications, we helped frame three important discussions: the ethics of human gene editing, what to expect from CRISPR technology over the next decade, and the Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium’s breakthrough work.

TIME 100 2022

Ever since the draft of the human genome became available in 2001, there has been a nagging question about the genome’s “dark matter”—the parts of the map that were missed the first time through. To celebrate breakthrough work of the Telomere-to-Telomere Consortium of scientists, we assisted in spotlighting the full mapping of the human genomic landscape and what it could lead to. Read the full pieces here.

TIME 100 2019

How can we educate the public on a shocking abuse of the CRISPR gene editing and support the reputation of a technology that can, if used safely and appropriately, help improve the lives of millions?

We assisted in the development of a timely piece discussing the scientist that abused CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology in one of the most shocking misapplications of any scientific tool in our history.

The resulting TIME 100 opinion piece framed the reckless experimentation on twin girls in China that shattered scientific, medical and ethical norms but also focused on how we can safely apply genome editing to cure genetic diseases, fight cancer, accelerate drug development, create transplant organs and develop more nutritious crops. Join the conversation about the opinion piece at #TIME100

TIME Health 2019

As we begin a new decade, how can we update the public on the progress of CRISPR gene editing technology and help our client continue to driving a global conversation about responsibly applying it to help create a better world?

To set the stage for a new decade of CRISPR-derived solutions, we mapped out a discussion on the collaborative effort needed, including increased private and public investment, more commercial partnerships to reduce financial risk and scale the technology, and the political and regulatory nuance to allow widespread affordable access to safe, effective cures without stifling a technology that will underpin the health of future generations.

The resulting opinion piece titled “The Gene-Editing Revolution Is Already Here” points to a possible future where genetic disease is a thing of the past and where we routinely sequence DNA and treat harmful mutations as an outpatient procedure.

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